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  Free Publicity Strategy : Free Marketing Reports, Articles And Ebooks

Creating success in any marketing endeavor requires knowledge. This is especially true in the Internet environment, where there are literally millions of experienced, very capable individuals and companies competing for your potential buyer's attention.  To truly master anything requires years of hard work, dedication and real world. day-in and day-out experience. Effective marketing can be simple, but it does not seem so to those without that experience, training and knowledge. And who has the time to learn it all?

The free mini e-books, free reports and articles provided below is provided to help start you on the path to becoming a master of marketing. These will help you take the first steps towards building an extremely effective strategy for marketing success using free or very low cost resources. 

Free Mini E-books

free publicity file download Marketing and publicity have changed dramatically over the last few years. Advertising and pitching are passing into obscurity. This environment is filled with challenges. However, with the challenge comes opportunity 
The 'New' Marketing And Publicity Opportunities
free publicity file download It's a common concern. Your website is the first thing  your potential buyers will see. Positioning, branding, clarity, ease of use - all are of primary importance. What you need to consider.
Why Isn't My Website Working?


Free Reports
Marketing And Publicity Reports And Articles

free publicity file download NEW - Author Websites - The most effective component of the authors marketing toolkit is the author's book marketing website. Unfortunately many do not produce book sales in the desired numbers. Find out why and discover how to correctly design websites for authors
Author Websites
free publicity file download NEW - Internet Marketing - The most important thing anyone can do in an inbound marketing environment is to get high search engine placement. This is the Holy Grail of Internet marketing. Anyone can do it.
#1 On Google - How To Do It
free publicity file download NEW - Book Marketing - Hundreds of thousands of new books become available every year. Some are successful, others are not. What is the difference between success and failure?
 Top Ten Reasons Why Your Book Isn't Selling
free publicity file download FREE REPORT - Internet Marketing - Successful marketing in an inbound environment is easy for some, but difficult for others. Learn what might cause failure
Top 10 Reasons Why Your Internet Marketing Plan May Fail
free publicity file download FREE REPORT - Social Media Marketing - Everyone is jumping on the wagon with social media marketing. But what is the real value and how does one use it as a marketing tool?
 Do We Really Have To Do That?
free publicity file download FREE REPORT! - Internet Marketing And PR Strategies - You can have the perfect product, the perfect business model and a beautiful online store. None of this will matter however if nobody ever sees it.
 The Invisible Business
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: A somewhat tongue-in-cheek treatment of the do's and don'ts of strategic marketing in today's Internet based marketplace.
McCauley's Marketing Manifesto
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: What is the one key idea that can create success for your book in the marketplace?
One Key Idea
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: Your brand and your branding statement have taken on even more significance in the fast paced world of Internet based marketing. In this environment, creating a lasting impression or not can mean the difference between success or failure.
Your Brand & Your Branding Statement
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: (A somewhat outdated article, but still good information)
Major changes are taking place in the methods we use to create publicity and awareness. Traditional media is fast being replaced by new systems and outlets. However, the news is not all bad . . .find out why by reading 
The End Of An Era
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: There is a fine line between becoming famous and becoming invisible. Anyone can create their own fame, but it requires knowledge and a very specific strategy
The Fine Line Between Becoming Famous And Becoming Invisible
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: The foundation of any marketing plan begins with learning how to identify your potential buyers. Learn how effective marketing plans are developed. This is a printable pdf file.
Questions You Really Need To Ask Before Entering The Marketplace
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: The most important factor in regards to marketing any product or service is the trust factor. Effective copywriting is an art form, the importance of which cannot be denied
Creating Trust - Using Words That Sell
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: Using article submission strategies will allow you to position yourself as an expert in your field. However, there is a right way and a wrong way
Using Article Submission To Get Free Publicity
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: The most effective marketing method by far can be used by anyone and costs almost nothing.
What Successful Marketers Know . . . That Most Don't
free publicity file download FREE REPORT: What is the one key idea that can spell success (or failure) for those who hope to be successful at Internet marketing?
Internet Marketing: The One Idea That Changes Everything


Authors - Are you happy with your book sales? If not, you might want to consider partnering with us. Take a moment to visit our Book Marketing and Publicity information page.

The Authors Show Radio

Authors Show Logo Children
Authors Show Logo Authors Show Logo Christian

If you are an author hoping to create free publicity for your work, you may wish to take advantage of an appearance on The Authors Show Radio. In addition to the Authors Show, specific shows are being offered for authors of children's book and for Christian authors.

Don McCauley serves as host of the shows. All appearances are free and can help you create that all important buzz around your book. Click on any link above. A TV version of The Authors Show is also available.

You may also wish to consider signing up for the Help A Publisher Publish You! newsletter. Each week you will receive a listing of publishers and small presses who may be interested in publishing your work. This is a free service of Authors Show Radio.

"Don McCauley has been wonderful to work with. Amazing things have happened since we started working together. He's walked me through the most important steps of publicity. He has a certain style in making you feel comfortable and at ease. My press releases were done with accuracy and professionalism and have received great reviews nationwide.  Knowing how to write a press release takes years of expertise. Don takes the time to explain why certain things are important. Don was a well deserved gift I gave myself. "

Rhonda Fischer
Author - Randy Kazandy Where Are Your Glasses?

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