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The Free Publicity Focus Group is a top-ranked Internet marketing and publicity firm. We set ourselves apart from others in five distinct ways by addressing five key concerns:

1. RELATIONSHIPS: We serve our clients as partners. Most businesses would prefer to work with an experienced partner, rather than work with many different providers or a long list of vendors. We work one on one with our partners to implement a top to bottom marketing and publicity plan that incorporates all the elements necessary for real marketing success.

2. NO-NONSENSE MARKETING: If you are like most, you've heard a lot of promises but have perhaps seen few results. We don't propose cookie-cutter plans, make outrageous promises, sell nickle dime services or offer DVD's filled with old, worn-out cliche marketing ideas. New to marketing? Don't worry. We'll walk with you, step by step, and we'll explain every aspect of every step. Are you getting good marketing results now, but just want to take things to the next level? We can help you.

3. FULL SERVICE. Piecemeal planning is difficult to handle, hard to implement and is often very inefficient. We cover not just some, but all aspects of marketing your product or service effectively:
Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Planning includes:

* Marketing strategy development

* Internet publicity planning 
* Search Engine Optimization
* Blogging 
* Social Media Marketing
* Content marketing
* Websites
* Audio / Video Marketing
* Teleseminars / Webinars
* Email Marketing
* Radio / Television / Media outreach

An Intergrated Easy-To-Manage Approach That Produces Results
Everything is accounted for in one comprehensive, strategic marketing plan - every base is covered, nothing is left undone.

4. 30 YEARS OF PROVEN EXPERIENCE. How can you tell if your marketing partner really knows how to create success? We help our clients implement marketing and publicity plans that lead to real results. We've been doing it successfully, with thousands of clients, for over 30 years. We are not the new kids on the block. We don't just say we can do it - we prove it. Our successful track record speaks for itself. This experience, combined with today's cutting edge marketing tools and technologies, equals real opportunity for our partners.

5. PRICING. Nobody likes to pay more than absolutely necessary. Nobody wants to be locked into a long term contract. Our pricing for marketing services is among the lowest in the industry. No down payments, no lump sum deposits and no long term contracts. Comprehensive analysis and general advice are alway free.

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Imagine that someone were to give you a gift today. It is a check for several thousand dollars. It has your name on it. It is yours to spend. The only ‘catch’ is that you must spend the money exclusively to market and publicize your business. Would you take it?

Most people would. For most people would realize that by spending several thousand dollars on marketing and publicizing their business, that money would be returned many, many times over.

Many cannot afford to make the investment required to produce results on a large scale, so they often settle for much less. Nonetheless it is possible to get great results for a very small investment. How can we help you create those results? 

1. We begin by showing you how to develop a laser sharp marketing and publicity strategy that will set you and your business apart from the competition. This strategy will brand you and position you in the minds of your potential clients and customers and can put you squarely in front of those who have demonstrated an interest in your product or service. It's the best marketing strategy ever created.

2. We then help you build a marketing and publicity plan using free publicity resources as the basis of that plan. This goes far beyond simple blogging or social media networking.

3. We focus on creating results- ACTION -  through the development and implementation of unique strategic marketing plans focused on measurable results

This comprehensive strategic plan incorporates all the elements necessary to produce results in today's inbound marketing environment. It eliminates the scattered, 'one-size-fits-all', marketing approach that usually produces poor results.

After all, the most wonderful product or service in the world is useless until someone actually buys it. Read more

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"What we hope to sell to our audience means nothing. What our audience wants to buy means everything. Therein lies the difference between 'pushing products'' and strategic marketing. One causes failure, the other creates success."

"Don McCauley was terrific to work with.  He took a scientific approach toward building my web site, finding the right keywords, helping me with the right message and incorporating the ideas from my book into a powerful author web site.  He gave me advice on the photo as well, and step by step showed me how to integrate my site into the internet through news feeds and press releases.  The cost was affordable too, as he understands the importance of keeping costs in check to improve the profitability of my book.  Thanks Don, you’re a great find!"
William D Charschan DCCCSP "The Body Mechanic"



All strategic marketing is simple cause and effect. If you create the right causes, you WILL get the effects you desire. If you do NOT create the right causes, you will NOT get the effect you desire. If you are not getting the effects you desire, there is something wrong.

Strategic marketing is simply determining WHICH causes will actually create the marketing results you desire. You then develop and implement a plan to create the marketing results you desire. The secret lies in the analysis - determining specifically what will work for you, your product, your service or your business. This analysis is not simple or easy, but it is the key to marketing success.


Do you need to adjust your marketing strategy? Ask yourself three questions:

1. Am I happy with the results my marketing efforts have produced?
2. Am I happy with the results my marketing tools (website, blog, social media) have produced?
3. Am I on track to achieve my goals?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'No', it might be time to take action.


The Free Publicity Focus Group can show you how you might begin to receive an unlimited amount of free publicity for your business. Our 30 years of strategic marketing experience, working both with and in media, allows us to put our knowledge and experience to work for our clients to produce results.


Creating publicity is not difficult in today's social marketing environment. However, creating real world publicity that leads to increased sales - marketing results - is very difficult. This requires dedication, ongoing effort and most importantly a well defined, effective strategy designed to set you apart from your competition. 

"Don McCauley opened book marketing doors for me that I never knew existed. He showed me how to increase the number of hits on my book marketing website to over 8 times what it was previously through restructuring my keywords and my optimization strategy. Most importantly, Don McCauley has enabled me to effectively market my book and to achieve my desired results without spending thousands of dollars."

John Meacham
Author - Divine Revelation

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'Putting together a strategic marketing plan is much like putting together a puzzle. Each piece must be there. Each piece must interlock seamlessly with all the other pieces. Every piece relies on every other piece. If one piece is missing, the entire puzzle, the entire strategic plan, is incomplete and can cause one to fail. Creating awareness in one's targeted market segment through utilizing strategic free publicity resources is the centerpiece of that successful marketing plan'


Many people concentrate only on specific pieces of this marketing puzzle, this strategic plan, and can experience failure without ever understanding why it has occurred. The Free Publicity Focus Group specializes in developing comprehensive strategic marketing plans that produce real world results. Our services include:

Strategic Marketing Planning
Brand Development
Client Profile Development
Strategic Publicity Planning
Advertising Planning
Search Engine Optimization
Social Networking Planning Blogging Strategies Marketing Website Design

and much more, all at a cost that is far less than others. Our free, no obligation Marketing And Publicity Strategy Analysis will help you determine which of these may be appropriate for you. Whether you are new to marketing or have been in business for many years, today's environment demands a new perspective be taken in regards to creating effective marketing and publicity plans. Our experience can bring that to the table for you. 


"Walk outside on any clear, cloudless night. Count the total number of stars you can see from horizon to horizon. Now take that total number times 100,000. That is, without exaggeration, the number of sites competing for your client's attention in an Internet marketing environment. Even if you do everything right, this is like owning a five star restaurant that is located in a back alley off some out-of-the-way street in a universe far away. You could spend thousands, millions perhaps, trying to buy your way into your potential client's mind and never succeed. Or, you can do it the right way and achieve success without spending much at all through the implementation of a unique marketing strategy that produces bottom line results."

Don McCauley
Free Publicity Focus Group

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The Free Publicity Focus group takes a comprehensive approach to developing marketing strategies for our clients. In this environment, that approach must be concentrated on creating awareness in four distinct, key areas:

* Search engine presence and optimization
* Traditional outlets (newspaper, radio, tv, magazines, etc)
* Social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
* The 'blogosphere'

Studies show that a very high percentage of consumers now prefer to make their purchases using the Internet. Studies also show that a very large percentage of the buying public will reject traditional 'old school' marketing methods. In addition, traditional journalists now use the Internet more than ever when developing content for traditional media. This leads naturally to the conclusion that utilizing an effective Internet marketing and publicity strategy will lead to marketing success. While many people are using Twitter, Facebook. blogs and other social tools, this does not necessarily mean these are being used as part of a marketing and publicity strategy. A tool is not a blueprint. Your unique strategy is the blueprint.

Are you taking full advantage of the power of free publicity in this marketing environment? Perhaps not. Simply ask yourself - 'Am I happy with the results I have achieved?' If not, you might want to consider taking advantage of our no-cost, no obligation marketing strategy evaluation and analysis.

Creating free publicity is not the marketing plan itself, but it IS a vital component of the strategic marketing plan. Used properly, it is one of the most powerful of marketing strategies if used to create results. Learning to do this can cause your business to shine brighter than all the other stars in the marketing universe. 

Most importantly, publicity is free.

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