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Author Mike Person has developed a new format for educational books. His latest release, "With Malice Towards One" combines storytelling, sequential graphics and reveals little known facts about the Lincoln assassination. The end result is a book that is a textbook, a graphic novel and a compelling mystery novel, all in one book.

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New Format For Educational Books That Works - Author Mike Person Releases "With Malice Toward One"

Person's new educational book combines exciting storytelling, sequential graphics and little known facts to create a book that kids find both informative and engaging. The new book's format redefines the phrase ' learning experience'

[Wilmington NC, May 15, 2014]  'Exciting' is certainly not a word most students would use to describe a history class. Rote memorization of obscure facts and an endless list of dates is not a child's idea of fun. That may change. Mike Person, author and graphic artist, has developed a format that can make a history book exciting, engaging and informative.

Person's new release, "With Malice Toward One", is a highly visual story about the Lincoln assassination. The book combines compelling text with the graphic novel format that kids love to read. Each page of text is recreated in graphic form on the opposite page. This format appeals to a wider age group than might otherwise be the case. The text, reinforced by powerful graphics, creates a learning experience that can increase engagement for both readers and for those kids who gravitate more towards the graphic novel format.

Person does not stop there however. Little known facts regarding what went on behind the scenes of the Lincoln assassination are integrated into the storyline in a manner that rivals even the best mystery thrillers. The end result is an irresistible work that is a history book, a graphic novel and a mystery novel combined. The book holds strong appeal for children, parents and educators.

"My goal with this novel," Person stated, "is to make learning about History a new and exciting experience for children. I felt that the best way to gain a child's interest is by putting a picture in his or her mind. I was always a visual reader. Growing up I loved reading the classics in comic book form, which I truly believe made me a lover of books. Children are visual. I believe children learn and retain more information when they can clearly make a picture in their minds of what they are reading."

Betty J Ownsbey, author of "Alias "Paine": Lewis Thornton Powell, The Mystery Man Of The Lincoln Conspiracy" stated, "Mike Person's 'With Malice Toward One' perfectly spells out what went on behind the Lincoln assassination.......A great history experience which proves once again that History is cool and NOT just about dead people and dates."

Mike Person is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at mperson96@gmail. "With Malice Toward One" is available at Amazon and other online book retailers. More information is available at his website at

About Mike Person:

Mike Person is both an author and a graphic artist. He lives in Elgin, IL with his beautiful wife Kristi and three wonderful boys.


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