Don McCauley - Marketing And Publicity Strategist
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Don McCauley is a marketing and publicity strategist with over 30 years of real world, hands-on marketing and publicity experience. He is the facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group. He is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and is a member of the Internet Marketing Association.

Over his career he has helped thousands of clients achieve their marketing and publicity goals. He specializes in working with:

Business Owners

Learn powerful marketing strategies that can dramatically impact your bottom line and take your marketing and publicity results to the next level. Reduce outlay and increase profits with the right strategic approach

Authors / Writers

Get beyond the hype and hearsay. Learn effective marketing and publicity strategies that will get you in front of your target audience to produce greater awareness, sales and word of mouth

Service Providers

Life coaches, financial services reps and other types of direct service providers understand that visibility within a target audience is the key to long term success. Move to that top of mind position





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Your Personalized, Comprehensive Roadmap To Marketing Success

Become an expert in marketing your work to your target audience. Learn all the most important strategies to get in front of that audience, as well as how to create sales, optimize all your marketing activities for maximum response, and much more. The free no-obligation analysis covers all the strategies to develop a comprehensive and successful marketing plan that can get you in front of your audience:

    * Internet Marketing
    * Internet Publicity
    * Social Media
    * Blogging
    * Websites
    * Optimization

and much, much more. Develop a comprehensive and powerful strategic marketing plan.

"The most difficult endeavor for any debut author, as an "artist" - is to switch hats and gears, and learn how to become a business person, thus acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully promote and market one's own book in the self-publishing arena. Otherwise, a book will remain "invisible" to the public's eye. This is where Don McCauley and his company, the Free Publicity Group has helped me immeasurably with his "Marketing and Publicity Strategy Analysis", which was like taking a course in college on marketing and branding. He also personally cares about the people whom he engages, and goes the extra mile to explain and coach an author . . . in order to help new writers understand the underpinnings of a proper business approach to book promotion. Mr. McCauley is a true gem in the world of book marketing!"
Christine Sihag - Author

It's The Strategy

A professional level marketing and publicity strategy outperforms everything else . . .

It outperforms advertising of any kind

It surpasses all social media efforts

It produces better results than yelling, telling or selling

It outperforms any form of outbound effort

While all of these might work to a lesser degree,
it is the strategy that brings everything together to produce results


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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a major challenge for many.
Too much time, too few results.
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - it's overwhelming. Who has that much time?
For many, the results achieved just do not justify the time investment. What is the answer?

Work smarter. Not harder.


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Contact us with questions or requests for more information